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language videos!

Even if you're a complete newbie to Mandarin, our videos will take you step-by-step explaining how the language works. Made by foreign students together with native Chinese speakers, we'll break each lesson down into digestible chunks, teaching you fundamental words and sentences on a range of daily topics.

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1 .jpg
3 .jpg
5 I want to go.jpg
6 names NEW.jpg
7 numbers.jpg
9 numbers 3.jpg
10 Where are you from?.jpg
11 Yes & No.jpg
13 past tense.jpg
14 present tense.jpg
15 future tense.jpg
4- where.jpg
8 numbers 2.jpg
12 Have & Don't have.jpg
16 How old are you?.jpg
17 Family.jpg
18 Time.jpg
19 Time Part 2.jpg
21 Days of Week Part 2.jpg
22 Colours & Clothing.jpg
23 Colours & Clothing PART 2.jpg
25 Size Part 2.jpg
26 Body & Sickness.jpg
27 Hospital Visits.jpg
29 Medicine.jpg
30 Work.jpg
31 Work 2.jpg
20 Days of the Week.jpg
24 Size.jpg
28 Symptoms.jpg
32 Work 3.jpg
33 Work 4.jpg
34 Work 5.jpg
35 Prepositions ON.jpg
37 Emotions & Feelings.jpg
38 Feelings & Emotions.jpg
39 Wow & Oh My God.jpg
41 Positive Personality Traits.jpg
42 Sports.jpg
43 Asking Directions.jpg
45 Directions & Prepositions.jpg
46 Morning Routine.jpg
36 Prepositions ON 2.jpg
40 Always, Sometimes, Occasionally.jpg
44 Giving Directions.jpg

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With thousands of teachers, you'll easily be able to find one that fits your needs and learning style.

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