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  • Investment 投资

  • Investor 投资者

  • Reinvest 再投资

  • High-risk 高风险

  • Low-risk 低风险

  • Capital 资金, 资本

  • Stock market 股票市场

  • Shares 股份

  • Blue chip 蓝筹股

  • Property 财产

  • Fund 基金

  • Portfolio 投资组合

  • “He’s a high risk fund manager, so only the bravest investors put their trust in him”.

  • “Her portfolio consisted of various blue chip shares, artwork and property”.

  • “Nearing the age of retirement, he was very cautious with his finances; staying clear of risky strategies and only allocating a small portion of his capital to low-risk investments”.

  • “He’s a long-term investor who assesses his portfolio once a year, reinvests all his gains and rarely makes withdrawals”.

  • “The stock market can enable individuals to build a diverse investment portfolio, but for many it’s just too daunting”.



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  • Gamble 赌博 

  • Risk 风险 

  • Bet 打赌 

  • Odds 几率 

  • Casino 赌场 

  • Lottery 彩票 

  • Glamorous 迷人的 

  • Addict 上瘾的 

  • Poker 扑克 

  • Blackjack  21 点牌游戏 

  • Roulette 轮盘赌 

  • Chips 筹码

  • “The house always wins”- the odds are always in the casino’s favour".

  • “He was a gambling addict! He lost everything he'd ever worked for because of blackjack".

  • “I like betting on the occasional horse race or having a game of poker with friends, but I never risk large sums of money".

  • “The top casinos around the world are some of the most glamorous places you will ever visit".

  • "The flashing lights, sound of the roulette wheel, and rattle of casino chips all contribute to the excitement and overall experience".

  • “Even after years of doing the lottery with such low odds, she still bought two tickets every week”.




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  • Religion 宗教信仰 

  • Wonder 想知道 

  • Believer 信徒 

  • Atheist 无神论者 

  • Agnostic 不可知论者/派 

  • Neutral 中立的 

  • Eternity 永生 

  • Consequences 后果, 结果, 影响

  • Pray 祷告

  • “He often wondered life’s big question… Why are we here?”.

  • Religion plays a huge role in many people’s lives, but it can also be the root of many conflicts”.

  • “Some are true believers, some are strong atheists, but some people are more neutral agnostics”.

  • “There are many who believe that what we do in this life will have consequences for eternity”.

  • “Some pray in churches and temples, but others choose to pray privately in their own homes”.



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  • Superstition 迷信

  • Symbols 符号, 象征 

  • Believe/belief 相信 

  • Avoid 避开, 避免 

  • Prevent 预防, 防止 

  • Material 物质 

  • Fortune telling 算命

  • Fear 恐惧

  • Irrational 荒谬

  • “I’m not sure when and where this superstition started, but many people still believe it”.

  • “Some believe that certain materialssymbols, objects and animals can bring good or bad luck".

  • “In order to prevent bad luck, many people avoid specific numbers when choosing a house or telephone number etc".

  • Fortune telling is a much debated art surrounded by superstition".

  • “Her faith towards superstitions ultimately led to constant irrational fear".



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  • GM / Genetically modified 转基因的 

  • GMO / Genetically modified organisms 转基因生物, 基因改造生物 

  • Crops 农作物,庄稼 

  • Food chain 食物链

  • Pests 害虫

  • Pesticides 农药,杀虫剂 

  • Resistance 抵抗,阻力 

  • Shortage 缺乏,短缺 

  • Consume 消耗, 消费 

  • Reliant 依赖的, 可靠的, 信赖的

  • "Genetically modified organisms are organisms (i.e. plants, animals or micro organisms) which have had their DNA changed in a way that does not occur naturally".

  • “With the world’s population increasing, we are consuming more food than we can grow naturally. Our only solution may be reliant on GM foods".

  • Pesticides enable farmers to grow crops which are resistant to pests. This means production is more efficient, but many worry about the potential dangers of these pesticides”.

  • “Many people are concerned that the introduction of GMOs are interfering with natural food chains”.

  • "There is a growing question of whether GM crops can help the developing world’s food shortage”.



  • Architecture 建筑

  • Planning 规划

  • Engineering 工程

  • Construction 建筑

  • Structure 结构

  • Design 设计

  • Renaissance 文艺复兴

  • Distinctive 独特

  • Stylistic 体裁

  • Blueprints 蓝图

  • “After graduating with a degree in engineering he went on to design some of the world’s most spectacular structures”.

  • Planning and construction began years ago, but weather conditions and other setbacks drastically affected the completion”.

  • “The renaissance was a very important era for architecture, impacting the way we look at buildings and the affects they have on us”.

  • “Her designs were very distinctive, gaining a large following and many fans over the years”.

  • “Some of the stylistic elements he uses within his pieces are odd to say the least!”.

  • “We need to take another look at the blueprints before we start construction”.

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