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  • Alien 外星人

  • UFO 不明飞行物

  • Disbelieve 不信, 怀疑

  • Encounter 遇到​

  • Sci-fi 科幻 

  • Genre 类型 

  • Kidnap 绑架

  • Universe 宇宙​

  • Earth 地球 

  • Beings 生物 

  • Intelligence 智慧 

  • “Some people claim they have seen UFOs, however there are many who disbelieve”.

  • “The sci-fi genre is very popular with people of all ages, these books and movies often focus on the future, outer space and alien encounters”.

  • “There are some who say they have met or even been kidnapped by aliens!”.

  • “The universe is so vast! Can earth really be the only planet with living beings?”.

  • “One of our main concerns is that alien life may have far greater intelligence than human beings”.



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  • Medicine / Medication / Drugs 药,  药物

  • Side effects 副作用 

  • Immune system 免疫系统 

  • Allergy  过敏 

  • Alternative 交替的,非传统的 

  • Treatment 治疗 

  • Herbal 草药的,草本的 

  • Aromatherapy 香薰疗法 

  • Anaesthetic 麻醉 ,麻药

  • Surgery 手术 

  • Patient 病人 

  • PHRASE: “Laughter is the best medicine”. (Meaning: Laughter can be the best way to heal and feel better)

  • PHRASE: “I gave him a taste of his own medicine”. (Meaning: treating someone the same negative way as they treat others).

  • “Some medication can have various unwanted side effects”.

  • “To have a good immune system, we need sufficient nutrition, rest and exercise”.

  • “She suffers from many allergies; animal hair and flowers are just a couple, but she’s also allergic to nuts as well”.

  • “Many people turn to alternative treatments such as herbal medicines and aromatherapy”.

  • Anaesthetic is a drug used to prevent pain during surgery. It varies in strength with higher doses putting patients to sleep”.




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  • Artificial 人造的,人为的 

  • Intelligence 智力 

  • Surpass 超过 

  • Robot 机器人 

  • Mankind 人类 

  • Mind 思维 思想 

  • Brain 大脑 

  • Creativity 创造力 

  • Emotion 情感 

  • Exist 存在

  • “Many great minds are worried about A.I. surpassing human intelligence, some believe it already has”.

  • Robots maybe making our lives easier, but are we taking things too far?”.

  • “We may be coming very close to a time when mankind no longer exists and machines rule the world!”.

  • “The human mind is not just a brain or a machine, we are capable of so much more such as creativity and emotion”.



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  • Charity 慈善 

  • Suffering 苦难 

  • Aid 援助 

  • Donate 捐赠 

  • Fundraiser 募捐 

  • Compassion 同情 

  • Humanitarian 人道主义

  • Devoted 奉献

  • ‘Well-off’: 小康 (Someone who has quite a lot of money)

  • ‘Breadline’: 温饱线 (A line of people waiting to receive food)

  • PHRASE: “Charity begins at home”. (Meaning: One’s first concern is the needs of their own family and friends, before helping others)

  • “If everyone donated just a little, it would provide aid to a lot of suffering in the world”.

  • “They’re not well-off, but they’re not on the breadline

  • “She always had a lot of compassion for animals, which eventually led her to start her own charity”.

  • “They are true humanitarians; they’ve devoted their whole lives to helping others”.

  • “Every year our company organises a fundraiser which raises a lot of money for local charities”.



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  • Psychology 心理学 

  • Psychologist 心理学家 

  • Behaviour 行为 

  • Assessment 评定

  • Subconscious 下意识的  

  • Depression 抑郁症 

  • Mental illness 精神病 

  • Stress 压力 

  • Reverse Psychology: A technique in which someone says or behaves in the opposite way that they want to, in order to achieve the desired result e.g. “Playing hard to get is often more effective than acting desperate”.

  • "The psychologist watched her behaviour for several weeks before making his assessment".

  • "Sometimes we’re not even aware of the thoughts we have, it's our subconscious mind taking control".

  • "He had so much stress which ultimately led to depression".

  • "Mental illness is a very serious issue and can be far worse than many physical conditions".



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  • Social network 社交网络

  • App / Application 应用

  • Majority 多数

  • Profile 档案​

  • Software 软件

  • Cybercrime 网络犯罪

  • Destroy 破坏

  • Interaction 相互交流

  • Component 成分

  • Social skills 社交技能

  • Social networking has become a major component of many businesses.”

  • “It seems the vast majority of today’s society can’t live without their social networking apps”.

  • "He changes his profile picture on a weekly basis".

  • “Digital software can make our lives easier, more convenient, and can also increase productivity, but with this comes the increased risk of cybercrime”.

  • “As popular as social networking is these days, many believe it is destroying face-to-face interaction and social skills with the youth of today”.

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