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In this Chinese language video, we’ll be teaching you a handful of ‘Positive Personality Traits’, with sentences including:

  • “She was very confident during her interview”(她在面试中很自信)

  • “He’s a very creative person”(他是一个很有创意的人)

  • “She’s very diligent with her studies”(她学习很勤奋)

  • “Honesty is the most important virtue”(诚实是最重要的美德)

  • “He’s never late, he’s a very punctual person”(他从不迟到,他是一个很守时的人)

43. asking directions

In this Chinese video we’ll teach you a range of ways to ask for directions, with words and sentences including:

  • “Where is…?”(… 在哪里?)

  • “Excuse me, where is the subway station?”(请问, 地铁站在哪里?)

  • “How to get to…?”(… 怎么走?)

  • “Do you know how to get there?”(你知道怎么去那里吗?)

  • Plus more useful words & sentences…

45. directions & prepositions

In this video, we’ll be giving you a range of words and sentences to help you understand directions and use prepositions in daily conversation. Vocabulary and sentences include:

  • “Next to”(旁边

  • “The cafe is next to the library”(咖啡馆在图书馆的旁边)

  • “Opposite”(对面)

  • “The post office is opposite the library”(邮局在博物馆的对面)

  • “Have you seen my wallet?”(你看到我的钱包了吗?)

  • “Next to the computer”(在电脑的旁边)

  • Plus more useful words & sentences…

42. sports

In this Mandarin lesson, we’ll be concentrating on a variety of ball-based sports, with words and sentences including:

  • “Basketball”(篮球)

  • “Play golf”(打高尔夫球)

  • “Play football”(踢足球)

  • “What’s your favourite sport?”(你最喜欢的运动是什么?)

  • “I used to play football as a child”(我小的时候踢过足球)

  • Plus more useful words & sentences…

44. giving directions

This Mandarin language video will teach you the fundamentals of GIVING DIRECTIONS with words and sentences including:

  • “Forward”向前

  • “Keep going straight”(一直走)

  • “Turn Right”(往右拐)

  • “Ahead then turn left”(前面左转)

  • “Go straight 200 metres, then turn right”(向前走两百米然后右拐)

  • Plus more useful words & sentences…

46. morning routine

In this video, we’ll be covering a range of words helping you to understand and express common Chinese sentences regarding your ‘Morning Routine’. Some of the content covered includes:

  • “I get up at 7 in the morning”(我早上七点起床)

  • “First I brush my teeth, then I get dressed”(我先刷牙然后穿衣服)

  • “I usually have toast and coffee for breakfast”(我早餐通常吃烤面包喝咖啡)

  • “I leave home at 8 o’clock”(我八点出门)

  • “I either drive or take the subway to work”(我开车或者坐地铁去上班)

  • “I arrive at my company around 8:45”(我大概8:45到公司)


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